Besides being a natural food, a symbol of the strength and passion of the Colombian people, panela is:


Provides you with the energy you need in metabolic processes


It is recognized for its healing and hydrating power


For the amount of vitamins and minerals it contains


It's the healthiest and purest way to sweeten your foods

Sugar cane is one of the oldest crops in the world, it arrived in Colombia during colonial times together with milling practices

This practice is carried out in warm places like the Suarez river bank between Boyacá and Santander regions

For more than 70 years a family has been producing panela, this is how in 2013 we founded Panela La Gloria. We are a fresh and natural Company from the Colombian fields, focused on great quality, handcrafted work with more than 60 years of experience. We work with passion for our country's development and this important rural economy.

We carefully control each detail from the cane sowing until its cut and carriage. We have a monthly production with organic and conventional crops. We monitor the environment to remove the presence of pests, cutting times for the cane and fertilizing crops according to the needs of each type of soil.

We work with high quality standards certified under GMP Good Manufacturing Practices to provide consumers with a great product

Panela is a part of Colombian lives "La Gloria is tradition and heritage" a symbol of strength and passion. It is a product that stands out for its nutritional, hydrating and energizing qualities in addition to its unique and magical flavor. It cotains: calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium, also a high content of vitamins A, B, C and D

Since the beginning we have been working to adapt our products to national and international needs. We have years of exporting experience and support from specialized entities such as Procolombia and Fedepanela.

It tastes like Glory, it takes like our fields, the taste of hard work and heritage, the taste of Colombia!

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Powdered Panela


  • Box x 16 bags of natural powdered panela
    x 500 g
  • Sack of natural powdered panela
    x 25 Kg
  • Sachets of natural powdered panela
    x 6g

Flavored Panela


  • Box x 16 bags of flavored powdered panela
    x 500 g
  • Sack of flavored powdered panela
    x 25 Kg
  • Sachets of flavored powdered panela
    x 6g

Traditional Panela


  • Box x 16 units of square-shaped panela
    x 1000 g (2 x 500g)
  • Box x 32 units of square-shaped panela
    x 500 g
  • Box x 16 units of panela blocks split into tablets
    x 1000 g (2 x 500g)
  • Box x 32 of units panela blocks split into tablets
    x 500 g
  • Box 24 units of round-shaped panela
    x 500 g
  • Box x 24 units of round-shaped fractioned panela
    x 500 g

International Offer

Certified Organic

EcoCert certification for Colombia,
United States and Europe


Monthly and scalable capacity that guarantees its availability throughout the year

Quality Promise

Our processes are controlled from the sowing of the cane, cutting process and transportation.


We are open to develop new products and presentations following your requirements.


Over 6 years of Exporting Experience to different continents


Nairo Quintana

World famous colombian racing cyclist winner of Giro d`Ìtalia 2014 and La Vuelta a España 2016

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